Ice Machine

Model Dimension of Ice Machine Come with Condensing Unit Recomend to use with Ice Bin Recommend to use on top of coldroom
FF1AR 1320 mm 1050 mm 870 mm
FF1.5AR 1320 mm 1050 mm 1050 mm
FF2AR 1600 mm 1050 mm 1150 mm
FF3.2E 1050 mm 850 mm 1300 mm

Technical Parameter

Model Ice Capacity / 24 hour Condesing Unit Power Water Consumption
FF1AR 1T 3.4kW 42L/H
FF1.5AR 1.5T 6.7kW 63L/H
FF2AR 2T 7.5kW 85L/H
FF3.2AR 3T * 0.5kW 125L/H
Note: * FF3.2E does not come with condensing unit. Thus, power required is total of gear motor power and motor pump power.

  1. Standard working condition: Ambient temp 25*C, Water temp 16*C
  2. Refrigerant: R22/R404A
  3. Condensing Temperature 40*C, Evaporating Temperature -22*C
  4. Apply water pressure: 0.15-0.5MPa